Signing up/Logging in to

  1. In your preferred web browser mobile/PC go to
  2. In the top cover of the site you will see a Join Now! (To login you use the one that says Login) button or you can hit the Person Icon in the top right corner of site and then click the CREATE NEW ACCOUNTunder the login button (If just logging in use the login button once you put in your credentials). 
  3. Once you create an account you will have an option to create a profile. You can not post content or share in community until you atleast have one profile. 

Personal Profile is like a profile on any website and an Organization Profile is the same, but you can have members, set roles so when you can not be there someone can take ownership, and generally suited for more of a business or can even work for live performers, etc. You can have multiple profiles on one account. Meaning if you play a game for example, and you want a profile for each character, you can do that! No one would ever know unless you told them for those who prefer it that way for roleplay reasons etc. Keep in mind vendor accounts require a real profile for using pricing and making money with legit information. However you can still have your other profiles and switch between them. All notifications, etc are only shown when you switch to the profile they belong to. 


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